Can I cancel a shift if I can no longer make it? What is the cancellation policy? (Fleet owner)

Sometimes something comes up and you have to cancel a shift that you had previously accepted.

Log into your fleet owner profile on the HaulHub Carrier app.

  • Select jobs at the bottom of the bottom and select the job you need to cancel.
  • Once within the job, scroll down until you see the assigned drivers. Select the driver whose shift you need to cancel.
  • Once on the shift page, click edit shift. In the top right corner there will be the option to cancel shift.
  • You will be required to input a cancellation reason that will be sent to the customer or broker.
  • Hit cancel shift. This will notify the customer or broker that you truck will not be at the job.
Please note, you cannot cancel a shift that less than 8 hours from start time. If you select cancel shift on a shift within 8 hours you will be prompted to call the job site contact.