How do payments work through HaulHub? (Fleets)

HaulHub offers fleets a number of ways to get paid.

Payments to Fleets via Direct Pay

  • Some Fleet owners may see on the job offer that a job is Direct Pay.  This means a fleet is directly paid from the Contractor/Customer/Material Producer and not through HaulHub.  Fleet owners will be paid typically via check or ACH transfer.

Payments to Fleets via Quick Pay

  • Fleet owners have the availability to front themselves the money for a job they complete before the funds arrive from a contractor using a feature HaulHub offers called Quick Pay
    • Quick Pay is available only on select jobs, HaulHub offers QuickPay for certain customers, the customer doesn't decide.  Meaning some shifts may choose to have Quick Pay available while others may not.
  • To be able to utilize Quick Pay you have to have run at least 3 shifts in HaulHub. The app will require you to always leave at least 1 shift of at least $500 (including all fees) unpaid in case there are discrepancies in the amount that should have been paid.

  • To Quick Pay go to the HaulHub Carrier app and tap on payment at the bottom right. 
    • Then at the top tap on Quick Pay, it should be right next to Summary.  And then click on the applicable shifts (starting with the oldest to newest eligible shift) to forward yourself the money.
  • The money you choose will be immediately available in your WEX debit account, if you have elected automatically ACH transfer, this process will still take 24-48 hours and incur the standard $1.50 fee. 
  • Please note there is a standard 6% fee ( rate is subject to change) for using Quick Pay. 

Payments to Fleets via ACH Transfer

  • Fleet owners have the option to receive their funds via ACH transfer once the customer has paid for the shift(s). This method typically takes anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Once a customer pays HaulHub for the invoiced amount, HaulHub passes that payment along straight
    through to the Fleet.
  • After a Fleet has completed its first shift our Operations Team will reach out and have the fleet set up an EFS Account.  This account is a third party banking institution that we use to pass payments along to the fleets.  Their fee is $1.50 fee per ACH transfer.  This transfer can be set up automatically for the fleet or can be set manually.  
  • If it is set up manually the fleet owner would have to go in at their leisure and transfer the funds to their own account.  This would incur the $1.50 fee each time.  However, this method could be cost-beneficial versus an automatic transfer as the $1.50 fee is only incurred when the fleet owner transfers funds.  Not every single time a shift(s) is paid out. 
  • An example could be if the owner transfers funds once a month then only once is there a $1.50 fee.  If that same fleet had jobs that paid out 4 times a month, then that fleet in automatic mode would get charged $1.50 four times that month.

Payments to Fleets via WEX Debit Card

  • Fleet owners also have the option to be paid into a debit account and then receive a WEX debit card that they can use to utilize those funds.  This selection can be made at the same time the Fleet owner signs up with EFS.  The debit card would come from them. 

      Fees to use HaulHub

      • There is no price to download the app, the app is free. Contact customer support if you have any questions.