How does payment to fleets work through HaulHub? (Contractors)

HaulHub makes it easy to pay fleets for the work they perform for you.

  • There are two options for setting up payment when using the HaulHub technology. If you would prefer, we can invoice you once weekly for all the work that you've run through the HaulHub software, then distribute the payment out on your behalf to each respective fleet. 
    • A timesheet would be automatically created for each shift run and your accounting team would log in and approve the timesheets.
    • Once approved, HaulHub would invoice you for all approved timesheets for the week.  
  • The other option is to be set up as a direct pay customer. In this method the timesheets would still be automatically created for each shift, and your team would still have the ability to approve and edit timesheets, but you would then use this data to pay your fleets directly the way you have always done it.
    • This option still gives you the benefit of automatically created timesheets and efficient approval, but allows you to have complete control of payment. 
  • The operations manager in your region would be able to set up either of these options!