When will I get paid?

HaulHub pays you as soon as we receive the funds from the contractor you worked for.

HaulHub pays you as soon as we receive the funds from the contractor. If you have outstanding payments please reach out to the contractor you worked for. 

Things to be aware of regarding payment for certain shifts:

  • Usually, our contractors make payments promptly, but it varies per contractor. Please contact the contractor directly if you have any questions about what their payment terms are with HaulHub.
  • Some Fleet owners may see on the job offer it says  Direct Pay.  This means a fleet is directly paid from the Contractor/Customer/Material Producer and not through HaulHub.  Contact the contractor directly to determine how payment will be handled.
  • Keep in mind that HaulHub understands waiting for payments can be frustrating. This is why we have created the ‘Quick Pay’ feature. Through Quick Pay, fleet owners can expedite their payments for a small fee (6%) to their bank accounts before the contractor has made payment. To have access to Quick Pay, a fleet must have run a minimum of 3 shifts and have at least one shift, worth at least $500, left unpaid in the account. You can access Quick Pay through the Carrier app under Payments.
  • HaulHub does not send checks. All payments are made via EFS, our third-party payments provider. If necessary, you will be set up with an EFS account after you have fully completed the sign-up process. If you believe you should have an EFS account please contact support@haulhub.com.