DOT e-Ticketing Mobile App: Assigning Pay Codes

Assigning Pay Codes through the DOT e-Ticketing Mobile App streamlines the reconciliation process, allowing users to efficiently code delivered loads with relevant pay items, add notes, and manage the overall reconciliation of tickets.

Assigning Pay Codes:

  • The reconciliation options appear when marking a load delivered on the mobile app.
  • When prompted, recent pay items are displayed for your convenience.
  • Tap on "All Pay Items" to view a comprehensive list of available pay items within your organization.
  • Search for a pay item by code or name, or navigate the list to find the desired pay item.
  • Once found, tap "Select Pay Item" to proceed.

Automated Population:

  • The total quantity of the load is automatically populated for your convenience.

Adding Additional Pay Items:

  • Users have the flexibility to add extra pay items if necessary.
  • Enter specific amounts for each additional pay item.

Do Not Pay Option:

  • Add a "Do Not Pay" option if applicable.
  • Enter the amount that should not be paid. This amount will be deducted from other pay items for convenience.

Additional Notes and Flagging:

  • Add notes for thoroughness in the reconciliation process.
  • Flag the ticket for future reference if needed.

Confirmation and Management:

  • After assigning pay codes and completing other reconciliation steps, tap "Confirm Delivery" to proceed.
  • You can continue managing other tickets as needed.

Additional Content:
We've also included a video detailing the steps above:


DOT e-Ticketing Mobile App: Assigning Pay Codes