DOT e-Ticketing Mobile App: Photos

Managing photos within the mobile app is essential for maintaining a visual record of project-related information. Whether documenting progress, loads, or issues, the app provides a user-friendly interface for efficient photo management.

Accessing Photos:

  • After accessing a project from the Today Page, navigate to the Project Details Page.

Photo Feed:

  • Tap on the "Photos" bubble from the top options to enter the photo management section.
  • The counter in the Photo bubble displays the total number of photos available for the project.

Sorting and Display:

  • Sort photos by choosing between newest to oldest or vice versa.
  • Change the display format from list view to grid view for a more visual representation.

Viewing Photos:

  • Tap on a photo to view it in full screen mode.
  • Access information such as the associated ticket number, the user who uploaded the photo, and the timestamp of the upload.

Additional Options:

  • In full-screen view, tap on the three dots menu for additional options like delete and download.

Uploading Photos:

  • Easily upload a photo from your camera app or gallery.
  • Upload photos directly from a specific ticket by navigating to the ticket and selecting the Photos tab.

Additional Content:
We've also included a video detailing the steps above:


DOT e-Ticketing Mobile App: Photos