DOT e-Ticketing Mobile App: Project Details

The Project Details Page serves as a central hub for managing various e-Ticket functions for your selected project.

Accessing the Project Details Page:
When you access a project from the Today Page, you will seamlessly transition to the Project Details Page. This page is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of your chosen project, offering quick access to essential e-Ticketing functions.

Quick Slide Access Bubbles:
At the top of the Project Details Page, you will encounter a set of round bubbles. These bubbles serve as intuitive navigation shortcuts, allowing you to swiftly manage e-Tickets within the selected project. Each bubble corresponds to a specific function, such as Tickets, Yield Tests, Report Ticket Issues, Create Work Zones, Upload Photos, and more. The number inside each bubble indicates the total count of each respective function associated with the project.

Tickets Function:
By default, the Project Details Page lands in the "Tickets" view. This view displays an active feed of tickets for the project. The bubble corresponding to the Tickets function will display the total number of tickets available within the project. Additionally, an orange border around the bubble indicates that new tickets are available for today.

Ticket Filters:
Below the quick slide access bubbles, you'll encounter a set of filters that allow you to sort and refine your ticket viewing experience. You can use these filters to sort tickets by various criteria, including timeframes, material types, ticket status, dispatch, and ticketed time. By default, the app displays all material types in a "Pending Status" for today, sorted from the oldest to the newest.

Ticket Cards:
Further down the Project Details Page, you'll find a list of ticket cards. These cards provide a detailed view of individual tickets, including key information such as material type, ticket status, ticketed time, and more. Each ticket card represents a specific ticket associated with the project. We will explore ticket cards in greater detail in a subsequent lesson.


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DOT e-Ticketing Mobile App: Project Details