DOT e-Ticketing Mobile App: Tickets

Learn how to access and manage tickets for all your projects on the mobile app.

Accessing Tickets from the Project Details Page

When you access the Project Details Page in the mobile app, you will land on an active feed of tickets for the selected project. This feed shows ticket cards with a quick overview of each ticket.

Understanding Ticket Cards

These cards display key details about each ticket, making it easy to review important details at a glance. The information provided includes:

  • Ticket Number: A unique identifier for the ticket.
  • Load Count: The total number of loads associated with the ticket.
  • Daily Tonnage Total: The sum of daily tonnage for the ticket.
  • Date and Time Stamp: The date and time when the ticket was issued.
  • Ticket Status: The current status of the ticket (e.g., In Transit or Delivered).
  • Hauler: The name of the hauling company.
  • Truck Number: The identification number of the truck.
  • Quantity of the Load: The quantity of material transported.
  • Material Type: The type of construction material.

Working with Ticket Cards

From the ticket card view, you can perform quick actions to manage the ticket:

  • Add Station Number and Inspector Notes: Include additional information such as temperatures, waste, density, yield, and more.
  • Mark Load Delivered: Indicate that the load has been delivered.
  • Add Pay Items or Flags: Specify any relevant pay items or flags for the ticket.

Accessing Individual Ticket Details

To delve deeper into the details of an individual ticket, simply tap on the ticket card. This will open the Ticket Details view, which provides comprehensive information about the selected ticket:

  • Ticket Status: At the top of the Ticket Details view, you will see the current status of the ticket, which can range from "In Transit" to "Delivered."
Below the status, you will find tabs that include Ticket, Audit Log, Test Results, and Photos. Each tab is dedicated to specific aspects of the ticket:
  • Ticket Tab: Offers an expanded view of the raw ticket data, similar to what is traditionally printed on paper tickets.
  • Audit Log Tab: Provides a detailed history of all actions associated with the ticket, from its creation at the loadout system to its receipt by the HaulHub server. This includes updates to ticket status, delivery locations, and QC notes.
  • Test Results Tab: Displays any yield tests related to the ticket.
  • Photos Tab: Allows you to view and attach images related to the ticket or project.

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DOT e-Ticketing Mobile App: Tickets