DOT e-Ticketing Mobile App: Today Page

The Today Page shows you an active list of all projects with material currently being ticketed.

Accessing the Today Page:
Once logged into the mobile app, you will be directed to the Today Page.

Timeframe Filters:
At the top of the Today Page, you will find a set of timeframe filters. By default, the app displays information for today. However, you have the flexibility to choose from other predefined timeframes, such as yesterday, night jobs, last 4 hours, or the last 8 hours. Additionally, you can create a custom time range to suit your needs.

Quick Search:
Directly below the timeframe filters, you'll discover a convenient search bar. This feature enables you to quickly locate specific contractors, plants, or projects based on your search criteria. Simply type in your search terms, and the app will display relevant results.

Refresh Button:
To update the active project list in real-time, there is a refresh button located on the Today Page. Clicking this button will reload the list, keeping you informed of the latest developments.

Project Cards:
Beneath the search bar, you will find project cards that align with the selected timeframe and your search criteria. These cards offer a snapshot of each project's ticketing activity, including a graphical representation of production by the hour and the total quantity.

Navigating to Project Details:
Tapping on a Project Card will navigate you to view further details of the project and access multiple functions within that project.

Additional Content:
We've also included a video detailing the steps above:

DOT e-Ticketing Mobile App: Today Page