DOT eTicketing: How to access Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) play a crucial role in enhancing the value of e-ticketing data. They provide valuable information about the environmental impact of materials used in construction projects.


 In this guide, we'll show you we'll show you how to access EPDs for ticketed material types on DOT eTicketing Web.

Getting Started:

  • Login to the Ops Portal: Start by logging into the HaulHub Ops Portal using your credentials.

  • Navigate to "My Projects": Within the Ops Portal, go to the "My Projects" section. You can access this section by selecting a specific project from your dashboard or by using the project card.

  • Select "Suppliers" or "Materials": Within the "My Projects" section, you'll see options to view either "Suppliers" or "Materials." Click on the option that corresponds to your needs.

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  • Check the EPD Column: When you select either "Suppliers" or "Materials," you'll be presented with a Ticket Type Table. In this table, look for the "EPD" column. This column displays materials that have valid EPDs linked to them.

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  • Access EPD Details: To access more information about a specific EPD, click on the respective material's row in the "EPD" column. This action will open the "EPD Details" pane.

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  • Review EPD Information: In the "EPD Details" pane, you can view essential information related to the EPD, including:

    • EPD type
    • Date of Issue
    • Period of Validity
    • EPD Number or Declaration Number
    • URL linking to the EPD

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  • Alternative Access: You can also access this information from the Project dashboard. Scroll down to the "Ticket Types Table" and click on "See All Materials."

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily access Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) linked to your ticketed material types in the DOT eTicketing Web solution. For any further assistance or questions, feel free to contact our support team.

Additional Content:

We've also included a video detailing the steps above:

DOT eTicketing: Access Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)