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E-Ticket Customers & DOT Calibrations within SupplierCI

Learn how to connect e-Ticket Customers and then calibrate projects to a DOT Authority within Supplier CI.

  1. After logging into your account, navigate to the left hand menu and look for IT Administration at the bottom then, click on the E-Ticket Customers tab at the top.
  2.  Follow the prompts to select the ticketed customer to link it to an existing customer account.
    1. If an E-Ticket Customer does not exist you can use our chatbot or email support@haulhub.com to have them created
    2. If you have a large volume of customers to add please use this template and email to support@haulhub.com
  3. Then, navigate to the Calibration tab at the top and add the e-Ticket customer as a DOT customer.
  4. Look for the project you wish to connect to the DOT Authority.
  5. Select the material types,  DOT authority and DOT Project Name to establish the connection.


Web e-Ticket Customers and DOT Calibration