Can I edit the hours on a timesheet? (Contractor)

A timesheet can be approved up until the time it has been invoiced by HaulHub or paid out directly by the contractor.

This can be done when you are logged in as a contractor on the HaulHub web platform.

  • Go into Job Management on your main dashboard, this should be your default when logging on.
  • Scroll down and click on Timesheets.  Select which time sheet you'd like to adjust.
    • Be sure to set the right status. You can also search by fleet, work type, and destination.
  • Click the green Review Timesheet button in the top right corner.
    • The timesheet can be completely edited on this screen. Change the hours, start/stop time, billing jobsite, phase code, etc.
    • You can also click choose file and upload photo if you have a slip photo you would like to upload as back up documentation.
  • Be sure to save changes at the bottom of the page when all edits are done. 
  • Review all details and then when done, click the green Approve button.