EDOT Agency Mobile Basics - Manage Samples

In this tutorial, we will delve into the process of managing samples using the EDOT Agency Mobile App.

Accessing Samples

  • To begin managing samples, navigate to a project from the Today Page and select Samples from the top Options menu.
  • Click on the "Log First Sample" button to initiate the process. It's important to note that there must be ticket activity for the day in order to log a sample successfully.


Creating a New Sample

  • Follow the prompts provided to create a new sample. Start by selecting the Ticket Material for the sample and choose a ticket as a reference from which the sample was taken.

    • You can review the raw ticket data for that specific load to ensure accuracy and relevance.

  • Next, tap on "Inspector Notes" to continue the process. Proceed by selecting the Sample Method, adding a time, and entering the Lot Number associated with the sample. This information helps in tracking and organizing samples effectively within the system.


Adding Sample Details

  • Scroll down to continue adding sample details. You have the option to upload a photo by taking one in real-time or selecting from your gallery.
  • Capturing the GPS location by tapping on "Set Location" ensures precise documentation of the sample's origin.

  • Additionally, you can add a Priority level to prioritize samples, note the staff members who took the sample, and include any lab notes for further context and clarification.


Saving and Viewing Samples

  • Once all the necessary details are added and you are satisfied with the information provided, tap on "Create" to save the sample. Your sample is now successfully logged and integrated into the system.

  • By default, you can view samples for the project as a tile preview. However, you also have the option to view them as a list for a more structured and detailed overview. You can further filter the samples view by newest to oldest, allowing for efficient management and access to relevant samples.

Additional Resources:

  • We've also included a video detailing the steps above