EDOT Agency Web Basics - Manage Work Zones

In this tutorial, we will delve into the process of creating and managing work zones, essential for ensuring safety and efficiency across construction job sites.

Understanding Work Zones

Work Zones are crucial designated job sites that communicate ongoing construction activity to the Work Zone Data Exchange, thereby enhancing safety measures for the traveling public. The system monitors ticket activity to identify and define active construction zones.

Accessing Work Zones

  • To begin, navigate to a project from the My Project feed within the HaulHub EDOT Agency platform. Click on Work Zones from the top menu to access the Work Zones management interface.

Best Practices
  • Placement of Work Zone Pins: To create a work zone, you'll place pins directly on the roadways where construction work is occurring. This direct pin placement method is preferred over creating a geofence around the area, ensuring precise delineation of work zones.


  • Optimizing Work Zone Coverage: It is recommended to encompass the entire project within a single work zone whenever possible. However, if the project spans multiple locations, create separate work zones for each location and manage them based on the day's work locations.

    • For larger roads with four or more lanes, set up two work zones to account for traffic flow in both directions.

Creating a Work Zone
  • Begin by clicking on Create a New Work Zone. Use the map interface to drop pins on the roadways, marking the start and boundaries of the work zone.


  • Enter essential Work Zone details, including the road name (which will also serve as the Work Zone name), the type of road event (A Work Zone Area), and the direction of the road event.

Managing Work Zones
  • After creating work zones, the map will launch to display the created work zones. Click on the Work Zone button at the top right to access the Work Zones management pane.

  • Here, you can Add additional work zones, filter work zones by status (Armed or Disarmed), edit or delete existing work zones, and arm or disarm individual work zones as needed.
  • For added convenience, you can choose to arm or disarm all work zones for the project with a single click, streamlining work zone management processes.

For any further assistance or queries, don't hesitate to reach out to your Government Solutions Manager or Customer Support Specialist. 

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