EDOT Agency Web Basics - Managing Tickets

This article focuses on utilizing the Ticket Flex Grid and the Ticket Details Pane to manage ticket statuses, Pay Items, and additional ticket-related options efficiently.

Navigating to the Ticket Details Pane

Begin by accessing the Ticket Flex Grid from your project in the My Project feed. Select a ticket, such as a Pending ticket displayed in the Ticket Performance Overview on the Dashboard tab.


Managing Ticket Status and Pay Items

  1. Marking Tickets as Delivered: When you mark a ticket as Delivered, you can code it with Pay Items. The interface displays Recently Used Pay Items at the top for quick selection. You can select up to two Pay Items per ticket.

    • If the needed Pay Item isn't in the Recently Used list, use the All Pay Items button to browse the full list available within your agency.

  2. Do Not Pay Option: This option allows you to mark a ticket where no payment is required. You can also Flag the ticket and add a note explaining the reason.

  3. Confirming Pay Items: When selecting two Pay Items, confirm the quantities for each. For example, you might choose one Pay Item from the recent list and mark the second as Do Not Pay, specifying quantities for each.


  4. Finalizing Ticket Delivery: Click Confirm Delivery to finalize the status update.

Editing and Adjusting Tickets

  1. More Actions Button: This provides options to edit, add, or clear Pay Codes, reject a ticket with a reason, or update Inspector Notes with details like Temperatures, Waste, Density, etc.


  2. Bulk Actions: Select multiple tickets from the Flex Grid to access bulk management options such as assigning Pay Codes, flagging tickets, or removing them from bulk assignments. Adjust quantities, add notes, and apply changes by clicking the Apply button.


  3. Marking Multiple Tickets: You can mark multiple tickets as Delivered or Rejected, adjust their delivery or rejection dates and times, and add necessary notes.

  4. Overweight Adjustments: Use the Max Gross Vehicle Weight Override button to make adjustments for tickets marked as Overweight.

Downloading and Flagging Tickets

  1. Download Slips: This option allows for the downloading of multiple ticket slips in your preferred format. Choose to download immediately or have them emailed for later use.


  2. Flag and Add Note: Manage individual tickets by flagging them and adding detailed notes for each.


Additional Resources:

  • We've also included a video detailing the steps above: