EDOT Agency Web Basics - Ops Portal Overview

This overview serves as an introductory lesson to acquaint you with the My Projects page within the Ops Portal on the web.

My Projects Overview

The My Projects page is a central component of the Ops Portal, offering a comprehensive view of your projects. Here, we will outline the key elements accessible within this page and provide a brief overview of their functionalities.


View Map Button

Located at the top left corner, the View Map button enables you to visualize all elements of your projects on a map. This feature helps in gaining a geographical perspective of project locations and activities, making it easier to manage and navigate through various projects.


Photos Button

Next to the View Map button, the Photos button opens a gallery containing all images uploaded across your projects. This centralized photo gallery allows for easy access and management of project-related imagery, aiding in documentation and progress tracking.


Activity Button

The Activity button presents a log of all actions performed by active users within the last 30 days across your projects. This feature is crucial for monitoring user engagement.


My Projects Feed

The main area of the My Projects page is the feed, showcasing all projects you are associated with. Each project is represented by a Project Tile, which provides essential at-a-glance information about the project’s status, activity, and more.


Search and Sort Functionality

Above the project feed, a search bar allows for quick searching by project name or supplier. Additionally, you can sort the project feed based on criteria like date last active or days active, helping you prioritize and manage projects efficiently.



You can refine the displayed projects using filters such as Project Status, Ticket Types, or District. These filters help in streamlining the view to match specific requirements or to focus on particular aspects of your projects.


Project Tiles

Each Project Tile acts as a snapshot of a project, offering rapid insights into details like Photo Count, Project Name, State Project Number, Project Status, Last Activity, Days Active, Project Staff, Suppliers, Materials, and Ticket Statuses with counts. Clicking on elements within a Project Tile provides access to more detailed information. Lastly, the All Tickets button within each Project Tile allows for a detailed view of all tickets associated with the project.


Special Note on Bid Status

If a project is in the Bid status, its Project Tile will have a distinct appearance and provide direct access to start the project, facilitating a smoother transition from bidding to project initiation.


Additional Resources:

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