EDOT Agency Web Basics - Project Details Overview

This overview will guide you through the various elements of the Project Details page, providing a foundation for deeper exploration.

Accessing Project Details

To view the Project Details for a specific project, navigate from the My Projects feed by clicking on the desired project. This action will take you directly to the Project Details page.



View Map Button

Located at the top left, the View Map button opens a map showcasing all elements related to the project. 


Photos Button

Adjacent to the View Map button, the Photos button accesses a gallery of images uploaded for the project, facilitating easy review and management of project visuals.


Work Zones Button

This button enables the management of Work Zones for the project, including their broadcasting status, essential for coordinating project areas.


Project Information

Directly visible on the page is the Project Name and Teams button, providing insights into the project's staffing and operational structure. Below this, the State Project Number and the project's current status are displayed, offering quick reference points.


Navigation Tabs

The page features several tabs:

  • Dashboard: The default tab, showcasing the Ticket Performance Overview, Manage Tickets, Reports, Pay Periods and more.
  • Contract: Displays Original Contract Items and any Change Orders, critical for reconciliation and contract management.
  • Submittals: Lists Vendor Submittals related to the project, ensuring compliance and documentation are in order.
  • Contractors: Shows the Vendors approved for the project, central for managing partnerships and operations.

 Ticket Performance Overview  & Manage Tickets

Under the Dashboard tab, the Ticket Performance Overview shows ticket counts by status, Days Worked count, and activity icons. The Manage Tickets section allows for viewing and managing tickets by specifying date ranges or viewing all tickets associated with the project.



The Reporting function enables the generation of various reports related to the project, aiding in the analysis and sharing of project data.


Pay Periods

This section facilitates the management of Pay Reconciliation for the Pay Periods linked to the project, essential for financial oversight.


Photo and Mini-Map Snippets

Towards the bottom of the page, quick snippets of the Photo Gallery and a Mini-Map provide visual context and geographic orientation of the project.



Ticket Types

The Ticket Types section aids in filtering tickets by material type, streamlining the management process.


Additional Resources:

  • We've also included a video detailing the steps above: