EDOT Agency Web Basics - Ticket Details Overview

This article is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the Ticket Details functionality within the platform.

Accessing Ticket Details

  • To access the details of a specific ticket, start by navigating to the Ticket Flex Grid within a project from the My Projects feed.

  • Select a ticket within the Ticket Flex Grid to open the Ticket Details pane.

  • The Ticket Details pane provides extensive information about the selected ticket. Here are the key elements:

Ticket Number and Download Slip

  • At the top right, the ticket number is displayed.

  • Next to it, the Download Slip button allows downloading the ticket in a preferred file format or emailing it to your inbox.


Ticket Status & Flags

  • The status of the ticket, along with its date and time stamp, is visible. Status options include Pending, Delivered, and Rejected. You can also flag the ticket and add notes to the flag.


Pay Items and More Actions

  • Marking a ticket Delivered prompts the Pay Items options.

  • The More Actions button offers additional options like Mark as Rejected, Flag the ticket, or Edit Inspector Notes.


Tabs within the Ticket Details Pane

Several tabs provide detailed information and functionalities related to the ticket:


Ticket Tab

  • Raw Ticket Data: Displays traditional paper ticket data.

  • Products & Weights: Shows the products and weights associated with the ticket.

  • Reconciliation: Reviews Pay Items and quantities.

  • DOT Inspector Review: Details added by the inspector, such as Temperatures, Station Number, Waste, Density, etc.

  • Contractor Review: Details added by the contractor.


Audit Log Tab

  • A detailed log of the ticket’s chain of custody, including edits and updates from creation to delivery and beyond.


Test Results Tab

  • Displays Yield Test results, if associated with the ticket.


Map Tab

  • Shows geographic coordinates of the inspector and contractor related to the ticket’s delivery or rejection status.


Photos Tab

  • Showcases images associated with the ticket and allows for image uploads.


Navigating Between Tickets

At the bottom of the Ticket Details Pane, you can navigate to the next or previous ticket in the list from the Flex Grid view you were initially in.


Additional Resources:

  • We've also included a video detailing the steps above: