EDOT Agency Web Basics - Tickets Overview

We'll focus on the various methods of accessing and managing tickets within the platform.

Accessing Tickets

To access tickets, navigate to a specific project from the My Projects feed and then proceed to the Dashboard tab.


Ticket Performance Overview

The Dashboard tab features the Ticket Performance Overview, a section displaying the count of tickets categorized by their status, such as flagged, rejected, voided, pending, modified, and delivered. Visual indicators highlight new tickets and the last checked date, providing a quick status update at a glance.


Navigating to Ticket Flex Grid

Clicking on a ticket status in the Ticket Performance Overview directs you to the Ticket Flex Grid view. This flexible interface allows for detailed ticket management and analysis.


Flex Grid Features

  • Customizable View: Initially filtered by the status selected on the Dashboard, the view can be further customized by selecting a specific date range, such as This Week, Last Week, Current Month, Last Month, All Time, or a custom range.

  • Time Range Selection: Tickets can be viewed by Time Range, including Day, Night, or custom start and end times.

  • Column Customization: Columns in the Flex Grid can be edited, dragged, and dropped between Visible and Hidden sections to tailor the view to your needs.

  • Grouping Tickets: For better organization, tickets can be grouped by columns like Date and Supplier, offering a structured view of the data.


Accessing the Flex Grid from the Dashboard

Several pathways lead to the Ticket Flex Grid from the Dashboard on the Project Details page:

  • Ticket Performance Overview: Clicking on a ticket status here directs to the Flex Grid with the relevant filter applied.

  • Manage Tickets: This section offers quick selection of date ranges to find tickets or an option to see all tickets for the project.

  • Ticket Types: At the bottom of the Dashboard, this allows for fast viewing of tickets associated with specific material types.


Additional Resources:

  • We've also included a video detailing the steps above: