How can I create a customer profile for a customer that does not use HaulHub?

Our Broker platform allows you to add a customers that do not use HaulHub so you can manage all your fleet's jobs through HaulHub.

Track all jobs with any customer for your internal and external fleet management, job management, timesheets, and invoice management.

You will need to be logged into your broker profile on HaulHub web to access this feature.
  •  From the Broker Dashboard click on Customers on the left menu. 
  • Click the Green Button in the Right corner Add Customer.
  • Add Company logo picture(optional), name, and address. *Make sure you click Slip Photo Required for Shifts if you want to require your drivers to upload a slip for each shift for this customer.
  • Next enter the primary contact name and phone number. Click next step.
  • Finally, you will need to select each truck type that you will be dispatching for this customer. Once selected, you can set the hourly rates for each truck type.  
  • Under the Customer Profile you then have the ability to view job sites, jobs, and materials.