How do I rebook a job?


  • Log into your Customer Portal on the web. 
  • Select Order Dashboard.
  • Select the Job from the day it was worked that you would like to rebook. 
  • At the top right select the green Reebok button. 
    • You have the ability to change any job details when you rebook. 
  • You will have to input the Load Date and the Load Time again
  • Verify that all the information is correct and hit continue on 
    • Destination tab 
    • Material tab 
    • Trucks tab 
    • Rates tab 
  • Verify all the job details and select Place Order on the Summary tab 


  • Log in to your orange Field App to see your jobs 
  • Find the job you would like to rebook and press and slide to the left 
  • A rebook option should pop up; select it 
  • You will have to add Date and Time for the rebooked job; once that is done, select Next 
  • Verify your truck information and select next 
  • Input or edit any dispatch instructions and select next 
  • Once you verify the job summary select Re-book Job