How do I schedule trucks as a broker?

When set up as a broker in HaulHub you have the ability to schedule both sub-contract fleets and internal trucks.

Web Version:
  • Log into your Broker Dashboard.
  • Select Job Management in the upper left-hand corner. Here you will see all reserved and available jobs. 
  • Review the details of the job and select the number of Internal & Subcontractor Fleets you will provide.
  • Using the drop-down, select Internal Fleet or Subcontractor Fleet you want to assign to the job.
  • Click Send Invites.
  • The Fleets have been notified. Subcontractor Fleets will assign their trucks and drivers. Those drivers of the Subcontractor Fleets will be sent a text message alerting them of their assigned shift.

Mobile Carrier App:

  • Click offers on the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the job and click on the yellow box to choose how many trucks you will provide.
  • Then click on Truck/Fleet and choose between your internal trucks or sub-contractor fleets. 
  • If you select an internal truck you will then click Driver and select your internal driver.
  • Once done, click the box that you have read HaulHub's Terms and Conditions and select Confirm Booking.
  • The invite will then be sent to your sub-contract fleets and/or your internal drivers.