How do I sign a Driver out?

As a contractor out in the field you may sign a driver out of a job with just a few taps.

Last Updated: 03/10/2021

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Sign out drivers on the job in the HaulHub Field App, by selecting the job and driver.


Step 1

On your mobile device, log in to the HaulHub Field App.

Step 2

Select the job you need to sign the driver out of and swipe up to view the list of drivers.

Step 3

Tap the Sign Out button

51Step 4

Review the mobile time card and make any adjustments necessary.

  • Any slips or adjustments missed in this step can still be reviewed and adjusted later either on the app or website under Job Management > Timesheets.

Tap Submit when complete.

  • The driver will receive a text message notification that he has been signed out.


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