How does data entered at loadout impact others?

Consistency of material ticketing data entered by the plant operator when loading out a truck directly impacts DOT e-Ticketing systems. Correct contract and job numbers, hauler names and truck numbers are essential to provide accurate data to DOTs.

e-Ticketing has become essential in our industry to provide DOTs and other stakeholders with real-time insights on project performance and verification of material loads. Fields left blank or not properly entered at the plant can lead to errors and inefficiencies in the e-Ticketing process.

Below are examples of required information entered in the proper fields when ticketing at the plant.

  • Accurate Contract Numbers and Job Numbers route e-Tickets to the right inspectors. Descriptive Hauler Names and Truck Numbers help the inspectors positively ID trucks on-site.


DOT e-ticket systems cannot decipher Contract Numbers when its mixed inside the Job Name field

  • Contract Number or Job Number fields left blank cause the tickets to go missing. Hauler Name or Truck Number left blank or with limited information make it almost impossible for field inspectors to ID the truck.