How to add a new material to your material list?

You can specify what plant(s) will be associated with this material.

Last Updated: 03/09/2021


From Order Dashboard  navigate to Settings>Material List , click Add Material to fill in the details.


Web LoginStep 1
Login to HaulHub by selecting Login and selecting Contractors.

Contractor loginStep 2
Enter your phone number and password to login.

Step 3

Select Order Dashboard.


Step 4

From the top menu navigate to Settings. By hovering over it a drop down will show, click on Material List to populate your current material list.

26Step 5
To add a new material from the top right side of the page click on Add Material +  


Step 6

A new box will appear. Most fields here are optional, fill out the fields that pertain to your situation.

  • Note: This new material will tie back to all your plants. If you do not want it to be able to be used at certain plants you can simply X out the plant you do not want it to tie back to.

Click Submit and your new material will be saved.

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