How to Run a Yield Test

Yield calculations will help inspectors check the amount of material that has been placed by the contractor on a project.

Running a yield test allows an inspector to select a range of tickets and run a yield test to determine if the correct amount of material is being placed by the contractor. Simply select the first ticket placed, enter the station number where this material was placed, the width, thickness and theoretical maximum density. You can also enter temperatures, waste and other notes at this point or select start test and this load will represent the beginning of your yield test. Please note, if you wish to utilize different unit of measures for your width and theoretical max density, please work with your haulhub representative to set this up in the back end settings. After starting your yield test, select the last ticket you wish to run the test through. The application will then include the total ticketed quantities for that range of tickets and compare it to the length, width, depth and max density calculation to determine if the proper amount of material was placed.