SupplierCI Web: View Tickets

Learn how to efficiently navigate and filter tickets within the SupplierCI Web platform.

Accessing Tickets:

  • After logging in, navigate to "Tickets" from the left-hand menu.

Flex Grid View:

  • Upon entering the Tickets section, you will land on a Flex Grid designed for easy ticket viewing.
  • Apply various filters from the top to search for tickets based on specific criteria.

Filter Options:

  • Date Range: Select from options like This week, Last Week, Last 7 Days, Current Month, or choose a custom range using the calendar view.
  • Time Range: Filter tickets based on Day, Night, or input a custom time range.
  • Contractor Status: Filter tickets in Delivered, Pending, or Voided status by the contractor.
  • Customer: Filter tickets by Customer Names.
  • Plants: Filter tickets by Plant Names.
  • Ticket Types: Filter tickets by materials.

Advanced Filters:

  • Clicking on the "Filters" button provides access to all Ticket Options Filters.
  • Note that default filters are already applied but can be adjusted to meet specific requirements.
  • Click and drag a filter to change the order, and this will repopulate the search results below.

Column Customization:

  • Clicking on the gear icon enables editing of columns in the search results, allowing users to customize their viewing experience.

Expanding Results:

  • Once satisfied with search criteria, clicking on a row expands the results, displaying details such as plant name, date, customer, and ticket type.
  • Scrolling to the right allows viewing additional columns in the search.

Ticket Details:

  • Clicking on a ticket further expands the details, providing information on Contractor Notes, DOT Inspector Notes, Raw Ticket Data, and Products with Batch Weights associated with the ticket.

Additional Content:
We've also included a video detailing the steps above:


Supplier CI Web - View Tickets