What's New in the DOT eTicketing Web Platform?

New features are now available within the Beta view of the DOT eTicketing Web Platform


Below are key features that can now be utilized.

  • Filtering - Users can now filter the project list by Status or Ticket Type
  • Sorting - Users can now filter the project list by Days Active or Date Last Active 
  • The project card will be displayed dark purple if active, and light purple if inactive

    • Active projects mean a ticket has been generated since 5am on a given day.
    • Inactive means a ticket hasn't been generated for that project in 24 hours.
  • Project Staff, Suppliers, and Materials open to full page for respective section

  • Click any of the ticket status counters to open a view of the flexgrid filtered to Flagged, Rejected, Voided, Pending or All tickets.

  •  Users can view thumbnails of photos, see all, or upload photos (now with duplicate names)

  • Contract Items Snapshot has been updated to only show items in use for the current active pay period

  • Added in the ability to execute a Change Order