DOT e-Ticketing Mobile App: Work Zones

Work Zones play a crucial role in specifying job sites, communicating construction activities to the Work Zone Data Exchange, and enhancing safety measures for the traveling public.

Accessing Work Zones:

  • Start by accessing a Project from the Today Page.
  • At the top of the page, locate the round bubbles providing quick slide access to various functions within the selected project.
  • Select "Work Zones" to get started.
    • The count in the bubble displays the total active work zones in the project.

Creating a Work Zone:

  • Tap on "Create Work Zone" to begin the setup.
  • Follow the prompts and enter required information such as the road name, type of road event, and its direction.
  • Tap the information bubble for detailed definitions of available options.
  • Specify the work boundary by interacting with the map. Drop pins along the work zone route and make adjustments as needed.
  • Tap "Finish" when satisfied and then select "Create Work Zone" to save your work.

Managing Work Zones:

  • In the Settings Tab, view a list of created Work Zones for the project.
  • Scroll through the list to arm or disarm individual transmissions.
  • Quickly disarm all work zones from the bottom.
  • Access additional options by tapping the three dots menu button to Edit, View, or Delete a Work Zone.
  • Add new Work Zones by tapping the Plus sign at the top right corner.

Live Map View:

  • Navigate to the Live Map tab to see a live view of all work zones on the map.

Additional Content:
We've also included a video detailing the steps above:

DOT e-Ticketing Mobile App: Work Zones