How do I export invoices?

You can conveniently export single invoices or in bulk!

Last Updated: 03/09/2021


By navigating to Payments>Invoices you can sort and filter invoices to export individually or in bulk.


Web LoginStep 1
Login to HaulHub by selecting Login and selecting Contractors.

Contractor loginStep 2
Enter your phone number and password to login.

Step 3

Select Payments then Invoices.

Step 4
From here you can filter by the following categories

  • Week Ending - date in which your billing period concludes
  • Created Date - date in which the company associate generated the invoice
  • Status - paid, unpaid and voided

Step 5
Sort and view individual invoices by clicking on the words in the columns above.


  • You can sort chronologically, alphabetically, by week ending, created date, invoice number, shifts, jobsite name, fleet, status and amount.
  • For easier viewing - expand columns by hovering over in between the columns and drag left or right
  • View and/or download a single invoice by selecting the PDF icon on the right side of the line for the invoice

21Step 6
Export multiple invoices by clicking the box/s on the left side on the invoice line.

After selecting all invoices click the Export # Invoices button highlighted in blue.

This will download a zip file to your computer with all invoices selected.

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