How do I create a job for a customer that doesn't use HaulHub?

In HaulHub as a Broker you have the ability to create jobs for contractors that don't use HaulHub so you can track your trucks and driver's hours.

First you will need to make sure that your account is set to broker, if not contact to get switched to broker.

Right now this is only available on the web version of HaulHub:
  • Log into your broker account on, click on Job Management and go to Book Job.
  • In the Contractor box you can begin typing the contractor name and if it is not in the system yet, there will be an add button at the bottom of the drop-down. Reference the How can I create a customer profile for a customer that does not use HaulHub? article for more information on this.
  • Then enter in the starting and destination locations as well as the addresses for each. You will see the add button at the bottom of each drop-down.
  • Continue entering all information for the job, ensuring that any boxes with red stars next to them are completed.
  • You have the option to Save Draft if you need to come back to it later, or Book Job
  • Once you've selected Book Job a pop-up will appear to either Book another Job or Schedule Trucks. Once you have booked all your jobs continue to scheduling trucks.
  • You can then schedule trucks and sub-contractor fleets as you do for all jobs. Click here for the article on how to schedule trucks.