DOT e-Ticketing Mobile App: Re-designed Project Level Format

The re-design streamlines your project management and inspection tasks, offering a convenient way to navigate through the various project-related functions.


When you access a specific project in the app, you'll notice a series of round bubbles at the top of the screen. These bubbles provide quick slide access to manage e-Tickets with access to familiar features like tickets, offline mode, reporting missing tickets, and more.  

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Currently, this new update gives you quick access to the following features:

  • Tickets : Manage e-Tickets seamlessly and quickly swipe through Clipboard Reports.
    • The count in the bubble displays the total number of tickets available in the project.

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  • Yield: Gain insights into material yield calculations.
  • Missing Tix: Report and track ticket issues.
  • Work Zones: Create and manage work zones.
    • The count in the bubble displays the total work zones active in the project.
    • The orange border indicates there are active work zones broadcasting.
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    • Learn more about Work Zones here.

  • Photos: Upload and view project-level photos.
    • The count in the bubble displays the total amount of photos in the project.

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  • Offline Mode: Work efficiently, even without an internet connection.

Coming Soon: Exciting Enhancements:
Here are some exciting additions that you can look forward to in the near future:

  • Documents
    Seamlessly upload paper documents, such as certificates of delivery for materials like rebar, precast, and liquid asphalt, directly from the job site.
  • Samples
    Simplify QC sampling and logging methods by enabling materials quality control staff to log sample locations and link them to ticket-level records, eliminating paper forms and centralizing sample test result uploads.
  • Locate
    Easily track installed project materials(as-built), such as drainage structures and precast, by capturing asset types and geo-location coordinates.
  • Punchlists
    Document and share necessary repair work.
  • Connected Machines
    Monitor contractor machines' status and activities on the project. (one step closer to remote inspection capabilities)